The Hunger Cycle. Why You Should Choose Real Foods.

When you get that grumbling feeling in your tummy, are you hungry or are you thirsty?

Most people cannot distinguish between the feeling of hunger or thirst & maybe this is you too.

Before opting for some food, try drinking a full glass of water. Most of the time your body is craving water, not food. You may save yourself some calories in the long run!

Hunger is classified as a sensation which is experienced when one feels the physiological need to eat. This sensation of hunger is typically felt within a few hours without eating, otherwise known as hunger pangs. A single hunger pang can last about 30 seconds and usually begins within 12 hours after your last meal.

There are two hormones called Leptin and Ghrelin which are very much associated with hunger. Together they regulate energy intake and expenditure, as well as stimulate hunger. The frequent changes in the hormones leptin and ghrelin are what motivates your body to crave food. When you’re hungry, you eat, when you eat food your body releases leptin, but when you eat too much food it can cause a build up of excess leptin. Having excess leptin in your body causes a reduction in your body’s motivation to eat. When this happens, you will not feel hungry. 

Then it will take several hours for your leptin levels to drop and when they do, your body releases ghrelin, which initiates the feeling of hunger. By now it will be over 4 or 5 hours (sometimes longer) since you’ve eaten because you haven’t felt hungry and the longer you wait is giving your body a chance to go into what is known as “hunger mode”.

When your body goes into hunger mode, it is doing one thing and one thing only….eats away at your muscles. 
Your body is hungry, and since you haven’t fed it food in so long, muscle is where it’s going to go to eat and muscle is the perfect fuel right?
NO! This is exactly what you DO NOT want to happen.

Muscle is the fuel for our bodies to burn as much fat as possible and by not eating, or not eating often enough, you are only harming yourself. All that time while your body is working away at deteriorating your muscles, it is NOT burning fat.

I would much rather my body burn fat than muscle, wouldn’t you?

But wait, there’s more.

Another problem with becoming too hungry is blood sugar levels. 

When your blood sugar drops too low your body will get the feeling of hunger, obviously causing you to want to eat. When you do eat something, your pancreas will begin producing insulin, which regulates your blood sugar levels. This is why you want to eat a healthy meal or snack.

When you choose to eat processed foods, these foods are broken down in your body very quickly which actually causes your pancreas to over produce insulin. This will make your blood sugar drop again, causing you to feel hungry all over again.

Do you see a circle of hunger here?
Now it’s time to say bye-bye to that piece of cake.

Have you ever felt really hungry and you’re on the go so you stop off at the local coffee shop and grabbed a couple of doughnut then wonder why after eating them you were still feeling hungry?
Well now you know why. 
Your blood sugar had dropped; you ate a sugar loaded food, too much insulin is released into the body, which only causes blood sugar to drop again. 

Instead of throwing your body into this continuous circle of feeling hungry, try opting for foods which are lower in sugar and eliminate all sugary drinks. This way once you eat, your body will not over produce insulin and your blood sugar will remain at a normal level.

It’s simple! Whenever you feel hungry, eat healthy!
Fruits, vegetables, low glycemic carbohydrates and lean protein are the staples of a healthy diet.
You can never go wrong with these types of foods.

Oh – I thought I would also let you know that while your body has too much insulin in your blood, it will not release your fat cells to be used as fuel… not only are you going to constantly feel hungry, but your body will hold on to every teeny tiny ounce of fat that you have.

So Eat Right to Be Tight {!!!}