Plant-Based Diet for Dummies {Book Review & GIVEAWAY}


I have another giveaway for you! 

Can you believe it, not one but two giveaways this month?! I love it!

I’ve been one of the lucky ones who have been chosen to review and giveaway the awesome book by Marni Wasserman; Plant-Based Diet for Dummies.

Who is Marni???

Marni Wasserman is a Toronto based culinary nutritionist and health strategist. Marni teaches cooking classes, she does one on one consultations, private events and much more. She’s a busy lady who strives to share her healthy eating lifestyle. You can read more on her website, here.

What does the book cover?

This book is full of information on how you can incorporate plant based eating into your life. Whether you are looking to fully change your diet into strictly plant based, or if you are looking for new ideas on how to incorporate plant based eating into your current healthy lifestyle, this book is for you. 

It is loaded full of recipes, great tips, expert advice and how to’s. There are even tips on how you can use food for skin care, boosting immunity and even tips for helping incorporate the plant based diet into your children’s diet. 


This book has pretty much opened my eyes to a whole new world of eating. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love healthy eating, which this book is all about – but I have always been the one who constantly eats chicken & turkey (my loves) and I’m sure you are all well aware.

I’ve been reading this book all over ever since day one of receiving. Which brings me to one thing I really love about this book. You don’t actually have to read it from front to back. You can skip chapters, go back, move forward – it doesn’t matter because it is made to navigate to where you want to be. For example, the first thing I went to was “Pondering protein int he plant based world” – my first thought was, how the hell am I going to get enough protein if I eat a purely plant based diet!?!?! That one, I had to read.

Also, there are a ton of recipes in the book (Thank YOU!) which I think is perfect for beginners. After all, this book is focused on beginning a plant-based lifestyle so you really don’t have to know anything about it at all! Marni does an awesome job at touching every factor I could even think of. I mean, questions are being answered while you are reading.

I honestly can’t even believe I was this excited after getting the book. I am not you’re average reader. (books that is) I like researching which doesn’t really lead me to specific books – unless they are for my fitness/nutrition courses of course! But anyways, what I’m getting at is if I can love this book so much, a girl who doesn’t really like to stick her head in the books, then I’m sure YOU will love it too!

BUT WAIT….Here comes the best part! 


Yupp, that’s right, I have TWO copies to give away!! TWO!

So get your fingers ready because I need you clicking & typing away in order to enter this giveaway.

Here are the giveaway deets:

What You’ll Win!


One copy of the book; Plant-Based Diet for Dummies by Marni Wasserman

How to Enter

Comment below and tell me your current lifestyle/diet and how you think this book can help you transition into a plant based diet, or add to your current diet. Be specific! I like to hear about your lifestyle too! ;)

There are also some other opportunities for you to receive more entries in the widget below….

There will be two winners drawn at random. I will announce the winners on my Facebook page on Wednesday August 6th, 2014. (Watch for it early, I’m an early bird) ;)

The giveaway is open to US & Canadian Citizens. 

Let’s go! Giveaway Time!

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  1. says

    Awesome! I’ve never read a book about improving diets before. The reason I’d like to read this book is because I have a great handle on my fitness, sleep, hydration and overall protein consumption and am still building on incorporating veggies and greens at every single meal. While I’m good at lunch and dinner, I’d love to see how I could eat more plants during breakfast and snacking. I’d love to win!
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted…How to make zucchini noodles

  2. Amber Nemechek says

    My husband and I have been slowly changing our families diet. This past year we really got the clean eating down. This past week we decided to take the jump to plant based diet with the occasional meat and dairy. We have 3 young girls that we are also having eat the same way. They have done well, but it would be nice to have some suggestions to help make it easier on the girls. I really enjoy getting your emails. Thanks so much.

  3. Denise S says

    I’ve gone back and forth between vegan and junk food junkie. This book would help motivate me to stick with it.

  4. alyce poalillo says

    I have been in the past a vegetarian but now I would say I eat primarily non meat with a lot of dairy,veggies and grains. I could use some pointers on moving towards a more plant based diet. My biggest downfall towards eating healthy is my sugar addiction so need help there.

  5. Kayla Gilbert says

    We eat off a tight budget. So it’s not always easy to eat healthy. We did just get a juicer; so we are slowly moving to a more nutritious diet.

  6. Willow says

    I have been a vegan for about 15 years, but only recently have I cut way down on processed foods. I have tried going raw, but found it difficult. I find it easy to stay away from processed foods. This book will keep up my motivation.

  7. Candace Galan-Calderon says

    My diet consists of lean meats, pasta, and Mexican food. This book would help me bring more veggies into my diet.

  8. roger simmons says

    My family (wife’s half) is Asians and 75% of their diet is Vegetables. Bok Choy, Lettuce, Eggplant, Tomatos, Onions, Leeks, Baby Bamboo, String Beans, Snap Peas and any other kind of vegetable it winds up on the dinner plate. I am just thankful I wasnt born a Bad joke…

  9. says

    This book will help me in so many ways. I want to lose weight and also want to change alot of the things I do in my life. Eating food is one of those habits I would love to change. I’m very picky so I would love to learn more ways on how to diet. I would love to share with my Mother. She is great with trying to eat healthy. I would love to share and we both can learn more things.

  10. Nancy says

    We are trying to minimize our consumption of processed foods and emphasizing fresh local produce in our meals and snacks. I’d like to get some new recipes and tips on increasing our consumrtion of fruits and veggies.

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