BodyMorphia Body Bag {June Review}

BodyMorphia Beach Body Bag

Hello Friday! Boy-oh-boy am I ever glad to see you. 

After starting this week with a Monday from hell, I’m happy to see this week go by. Oh you didn’t hear? About my alarm clock not going off on Monday morning for work, then when I woke up to realize it was an hour later than I should have gotten up, I rushed like a crazy woman to get out of the house in time for work, only I didn’t make it work because….you know, why not have a flat tire on a Monday morning…

…in the pouring rain…

..when you have a 150lb sub box in the trunk of your car and no man power to help you get it out. 

OFIM <<— Not sure of that one? Lemme break it down…. Oh Fu*k It’s Monday.

So, sadly to say, I’m happy to see this week go.
It would be even better if it went out with a big bang, like winning the lottery or something, but for now I’ll take leaving work an hour early if I can. 😉

Anyway, I’m not here today to bitch about my Monday, I’m here to show off my new BodyMorphia Beach Body Bag. 

Haven’t heard of BodyMorphia

BodyMorphia is similar to Bulubox BUT (listen up Canadians!!!) they are Canadian! 

Yupp, that’s right. Finally a company that you can subscribe to and receive monthly sample packets of vitamins, supplements, fitness products and free swag!! Doesn’t it sound amazing?!!

Well, I thought so. I remember stumbling upon Bulubox a while back and I was interested, but unfortunately because of the difference in Canada and US laws, Bulubox cannot ship to US, BUT THEN BodyMorphia stepped up and gave us Canadians a change to receive free swag too!!!

I was totally stoked last month when I signed into getting my first body bag. The bags get sent out at the beginning of each month, and I shipping is pretty fast because I received mine right away. I ripped that box open like a little girl at Christmas. 

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

BodyMorphia Beach Body Bag

Here is what I received for the July bag:

BodyMorphia Free Supplement Samples

Pretty cool, huh? Pre workout, 2 bars, CLA and some energy drops. 

I tried the energy drops the next morning before my workout and OMG if you like gummy bears you will LOVE these. lol! Probably thinking the ingredients aren’t too good but the product worked like a charm 😉

Cytomax Energy Drops{ energy drops }

CLA { CLA one of my favourite supplements } 

ProMax Gluten Free Protein Bar{ Chocolate Chip Protein Bar – can’t go wrong there! }

Pure Organic Banana Coconut Bar{ Organic Coconut Banana Bar }

Vitargo Pre Workout Drink Mix{ Pre Workout Drink }



Well, don’t be, because I’ve got news for you!!!!!

BodyMorphia is offering a special discount for Kama Fitness readers!!!!

Get 15% off using the discount code: KAMAFIT

So now you too can get your own Body Bag :) but remember, you have to be a Canadian Citizen in order to purchase. 

I’m thinking for less than $20 (don’t forget about your KF discount!) this is a steal! I know that the CLA that I purchase costs $21 – so I’m already winning! 

It’s a Win Win really if you’re like me and like to try out new products. In the end it can totally save you a ton of money. 

Supplements can be pretty pricey, especially some of those “clean” vitamins. 




Now it’s your turn! Go buy your bag today!!! :) 



Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.