What I Ate Wednesday {Camping Edition}

Camping with my Bengal Cat { peek-a-boo }

Camping Sky

Have I become the crazy cat lady?

Is that even possible when you only have one cat?
….but treat her like she is your baby and you take her everywhere, even when you go camping. 

How many camp grounds can you say you have you been to and seen a couple there with their cat?


Welp, then you obviously haven’t been camping in the same area as moi! 

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Yes, I have become that girl. 

That girl who takes her cat out in the car just for a quick drive to pick up her husband from work. 
That girl who takes her cat out on a leash when she’s out around the yard working. 
That girl who babies the hell out of her cat and always calls her a “pretty girl”

I understand if you think I’m crazy. I mean, because I really am. ;) 

But I’m not here today to talk about how much I love my little Zoey poey, I’m here to show you some of my camping eats from last weekend.

If you follow me on instagram (<<<< you should be,  darn it) then you may have already had a sneak peak into my weekend, but either way, I’m sharing with you today for What I Ate Wednesday all while sharing a few pics of my camping weekend.

Camping with my Bengal Cat {Zoey excited to see our camp site} 

Canada Day Long Weekeng Camping {our home for the long weekend #HappyCanadaDay} 

Camping View{relaxxxing} 

Camping with my Bengal Cat{snuggles by the fire}

Camping Sky View

Camping with my Bengal Cat{ fur mom love }


One thing I love about camping is the fact that we totally cook everything we eat on the open fire, yup, that one in the picture above. The sites offer fire pits that have a grill attached to them – but eww…I don’t think I can stand eating on that one. Mark and I bring our own grill and place it on top of the one provided which provides a much cleaner cooking surface.

Open fire cooked meals makes for some pretty tasty meats, which is pretty much what this WIAW is focused on. Meat.

When I go camping it’s all about protein and carbs.

I pack veggies & fruit snacks ahead of time for my snacks in between meals, but when it comes to the meals….it’s all about the open fire.

Hot dogs, burgers, cheesy potatoes and nachos are some of the norm for us. 

Turkey Bacon & Eggs cooked on an open fire

Breakfast Bagels for Camping

 {Garden Vegetable Bagels with Havarti & Bacon – you can find the recipe on Lushious Eats

You can also see a similar recipe that I’ve posted; Ezekiel Breakfast Sandwiches 

Camping Eats; Sausage Dogs

Camping Eats; Sausage Dogs{My not-so-healthy cheese stuffed sausages}

Not healthy – but totally worth it! 80/20 babbyy!

Open Fire Cooked Chicken & Veggies{Chicken for protein & corn, mushrooms, potatoes = damn good carbs}    


Sometimes when you go camping – you get hungry and you’re unprepared.

This is the perfect time to cut the top off your empty beer cans, fill them with water and boil some eggs on the fire….

Beer Can Hard Boiled Eggs{camping creativity: open fire cooked boiled eggs}

Fire Cooked Nachos         {night nachos}


Overall my camping trip was so much fun. I love a good getaway and camping is always on the top of my list of places to go. Obviously I don’t have pictures of everything I ate – mainly because I didn’t have a camera other than my phone and it was normally plopped on top of my amp busting out the tunes all day.

Ahh, I miss camping already…..
Maybe I’ll be back in a few weeks…just maybe.

I know Zoey will be up for it, she was totally stocked the whole time she could barely sleep. Not long after we got home and started to unpack, I walked into the living room to find this….

Zoey all snuggled up on one of the towels I threw on the couch.

Awww, she’s so pooped!


Do you like camping?
What’s your favourite mini Summer vacay?


  1. says

    I can’t believe you took Zoey camping! I’m actually a little jealous. Our fur-baby, Mr. Louis, despises car rides, his kennel, basically leaving the house in general. He cries bloody murder! And he’s so handsome, I just want to show him off to the world. ;) No go. You’re so lucky she loves to travel around with you. Embrace being the crazy cat lady!
    Sharon recently posted…Easy Chicken Taco Salad – Gluten Free

    • says

      lol Mr Louis sounds like he is shy ;) I’ve taken her outside since she was a kitten so maybe that helped with her taking a liking to it. She absolutely adores it though, sometimes she even sits by the door when I come home from work then once we’ve said our “hellos” she’s off to the door, screaming at the top of her lungs to go outside….sometimes not a good thing when I have to get things done. lol!

  2. Ashley says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who brings my cat for car rides/trips/etc. People look at my boyfriend and I like we are crazy, but my cat is happier going for car rides and being out and about with us than she is stuck at home looking out the window. She’s probably been to the Rockies more times than most people lol, and loves camping as long as there are no puppies around. :) Looks like you guys had an awesome trip! :) Your cat is such a pretty girl! :D

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