Screw off Germs; It’s time for Zinc, I think{!!!}

Health Benefits of Zinc by Kama Fitness

Sure you may take a multi-vitamin but have you ever thought that you may still be deficient in some areas?  

If you are going to the gym, how often do you use the hand sanitizer that is available to you?  Probably never!  Imagine the germs crawling all over each and every piece of equipment that you touch.  The gym is a pure GERM! Eww.

That’s right, the gym is a factory for germs and if your immune system happens to be weak you will probably find yourself getting sick more and more often. 

Which brings me to Zinc.

Helllllloooooo Zinc!

Benefits of Zinc

+ Zinc plays a role in boosting your immune system allowing your body to fight of germs, prevent illness and even thought to prevent cancer.

+ Zinc is a very strong antioxidant which will help recruit toxins from your cells and keep your body running more efficiently. 

+ Build-up of heavy metals in the brain may cause Alzheimer’s, it is proven that zinc deficiency plays a huge role in maintaining proper hormone levels in both men and women.  Low levels of zinc may lead to low libido and even infertility! 

+ Zinc will also improve brain function and in some tests has shown to reduce the chances of your child developing ADHD during pregnancy. 

+ This mineral will increase your sense of well-being and reduce the risk of depression especially in women.

Symptoms of Zinc deficiency may include; cravings of saltier, sweeter food, diarrhea, low energy, chronic fatigue, infertility, poor immunity, bad memory, inability to focus, ADD symptoms, slow wound healing, nerve dysfunction, and ringing in the ears. 

Keep in mind that a blood test is the best way to detect deficiency. If you feel any of the symptoms above go to your doctor first and talk to him/her about testing your blood levels. Some times the same symptoms may be something else, so always speak to your physician before making any drastic changes in your health.


Keep in mind, a strong immune system goes a long way! I work in a germ filled workplace and go to a germ filled gym almost on a daily basis – & I hardly get sick, ever!

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