Get off your knees, Learn To Push Up

Learning to perform a push up without having to use your knees for support can be really hard.

For some people, it’s like they were born to do push ups, but for others, myself included, it’s not that easy, but learning to do them without the support of your lower body will never happen if you don’t push yourself into the next level.

By that, I mean getting off those knees.

When performing push ups you are targeting your pectoralis major, while your triceps and anterior deltoids act as synergists. Your stabilizers are your abs, obliques and biceps.

Wow! What an upper body blast. This is exactly why you need to help progress yourself into a push up using your toes for support.


How to perform a push up on your toes by Kama Fitness

How to perform a Push Up:

Lay prone, flat on the floor with palms on the ground beside your shoulders, slightly wider than shoulder width. Raise body up off the floor by extending your arms while keeping your body straight. Bend your elbows, lowering your chest into the floor. Push your body upwards until arms are fully extended.

How to perform a push up on your toes by Kama Fitness

When performing push ups from your knees, I like to keep my legs straight on the ground. (like in the picture above) If you try it this way, I’m sure you’ll like it this way too. It actually causes your upper body to feel more of the tension on muscle and can help support your upper body while causing your muscles to be engaged more, as to when your toes are pointed up in the air.

Try it like this, I bet you will find a big difference vs knees on the ground and toes near your butt.

Tips for performing a push up from your knees.

+ Place the tops of your feet totally on the floor

+ Keep your knees to the tip of your toes softly on the ground

Tips for performing a push up. (on your knees or on your toes)

+ Keep your abs tight at all times

+ Be sure your palms are directly under your shoulders

+ Keep focused

+ Bring your chest as low as you can to the ground without having to raise your hips


Challenge Yourself to Get Off Your Knees 

If you can’t do 10 push ups on your toes all at once, practice! Over time you will build more upper body strength. Here is a great way to challenge yourself to be able to complete 20 push ups without having to take a break.

Week 1: 
Complete 5 push ups on your toes, then drop and complete 15 on your knees – no matter how long it takes you!

Week 2:
Complete 10 push ups on your toes, then drop and complete 5 push ups on your knees. Take a quick break – 20 – 30 – 40 seconds and complete the final 5 push ups on your toes.

Week 3: 
Complete 15 push ups on your toes, drop to your knees, complete 3 push ups and immediately push back up and complete the final 3 reps on your toes.

Week 4: 
Complete all 20 push ups on your toes – no matter how many breaks you need!


Good Luck!!!


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