Ask the Trainer

Ask the Trainer

I’m totally ready for the weekend. This past week I celebrated my birthday and this weekend is a long weekend…whoo!

It truly couldn’t have worked out any better for me! Happy Friday! 


Over the past year and a half of blogging I’ve had questions upon questions; how to tighten, tone, build muscle, lose fat, how to workout, eat…etc.. So I’ve decided to create a post specific to all of your questions!

If you have a health/fitness question, here’s your chance to ask me! I’ll do my best to answer any questions in a later post. 

Wondering if there’s a catch??

Well, there isn’t….really……but there is something that you need to be aware of before asking your question.

When you ask a question you have to understand that there are such questions that I will not be able to answer 100% and this is because you are asking a question which an answer would be in complete detail of your lifestyle/body.


Q: What can I do to lose weight? 

Q: How many calories should I eat in one day?

These type of questions above can be answered, but in order to give you an answer which is specific to your needs and body….it just can’t happen. I can’t possibly tell you how many calories to eat in one day without doing a complete body assessment (measurements) on you along  with complete health profile. 

I can recommend a calorie range for such questions for an average age and gender, but again it is not detailed specific to you. 


So, now that that’s all cleared up…ask away!!

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    I change up my workouts all the time, but once in a while I get stuck in a routine of doing the same thing for a couple weeks… Is 2 weeks long enough to “plateau”? or does the average person’s routine workout plateau after a longer period of time? Or does it totally depend on the person?
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    I have a wedding in 3 months and need to loose 3 inches off my waist and hips. I am hour glass shaped and have been eating healthier but I need a fitness routine. I have very little upper body strength so doing planks and push ups are discouraging and I tend to stop after a few days. I love walking but I feel 30 min a day hasn’t been doing too much to my hips (I recently fell off track with the treadmill but have been staying on track with eating and plan to pick up walking again but need something extra to target my hips and waist). Squats are good too but they hurt my knees (at this point I sound like I’m weak and falling apart but truthfully I am an active person, especially at work being on my feet, walking, and lifting patients throughout the day). Do you have any suggestions for something that will likely melt inches off my waist and hips? Also, generally speaking (because I know there are many facets to each individual that might make the answer sway) is three inches in three months unreasonable to loose? I want to be realistic.
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    Question: I am doing a bootcamp 3 days a week and then our bootcamp leader posts a workout to do on the weekend which consists of running a mile and some various exercises such as burpees, pushups, squats, etc. and i will do three rounds of that…which I do complete…. what should I do on the other two days I workout (like total body or do arms one day and legs the next). I do workout a total of 6 days a week. On the two days that I work out I do 30 minutes of cardio such as sprints or running and just whatever workout picture i can find.

    Thank you very much!