Enhance your Butt!!…with the One Leg Squat

My all time favorite butt exercise is this…but the one leg squat is a super close second!!

This exercise is the bomb.

I mean the real bomb.

There is one thing that you should know about the one leg squat (also known as a pistol squat) is that it looks hard and it IS HARD.

Hard as hell when you’re a beginner.

I still consider myself a beginner with this exercise because I can’t perform a full 6 in a row (on one leg) without losing form. SO technically I can only do 5!

but 5 is better than the ZERO I could do 2 years ago!!


Slow progress is better than NO progress.

But WHY has it taken me 2 years to only be able to complete 5 you ask?
…I just don’t perform them often enough. I really don’t.

When it comes to legs, I love adding weight because I want to reshape & tighten my legs, therefore weights it is. Sometimes I tend to forget about these super awesome, butt lifting, bodyweight exercises.

Especially this one.

So take note…If you’re looking for a new challenge, try this one. See how many you can complete today (on one leg) and then a year from now, or 6 months, check out your progress. If you complete them often enough it will totally increase your muscle endurance & strength so before you know it, you’ll be able to do 10 without even thinking about it.

That’s my goal. To be able to do 10 :)

Enhance Your Butt with the One Leg Squat Exercise {Pistol Squat} Tutorial by Kama Fitness

The One Leg Squat Explained

Begin standing on one leg. Raise your opposite leg directly out in front of your hips – keeping it straight. If you want to hold your arms out like in the picture above – go for it or you can hold them by your side….whatever works just keep them out of the way. Using the leg you’re standing on, bend your knee and lower your hips to the floor. Immediately push yourself up back to starting position, using all your lower body & keeping your core tight!

Make it Easier

In the beginning, this exercise is brutal and there are some people who just cannot do one. When I’m training a client who can’t perform one, I have them use a chair (or a short stool) to place the lifted leg on to. This way, it adds support and you can help use the chair to push up your body if needed.


You could do this exercise beside a couch/chair at home, or a machine at the gym so you can hang on the couch/equipment while doing the exercise. This can be a little harder than the chair, but this way you don’t get the extra support as the chair would give.

Try the chair first & move on to standing next to something, then try them without any help.

Just keep practicing.

It’s taken me some time, but believe me…in the beginning I couldn’t even do 2, but after some practice & lots of extreme leg lifts…I can at least get 5, so I’m slowly getting better!

I’m sure if you were to do them every day you’ll be able to complete more & more…but just stick to your routine & add this exercise in during a bodyweight day/lower body day or just do them in the morning when you wake up.


In the end you’ll only get better.



Now you know my favourite two “perfect-butt-lifting-exercises” {!!!}

What are your favourite butt moves??



    • says

      Flexibility can be a big part, but also mind set. I have some clients who really have to push through their conscious to get out one regular squat! Some people just aren’t comfortable moving their body in certain ways. Practice, practice, practice girl sounds like a perfect plan! :)

  1. Joy says

    What kind of weighted exercises do you do for your legs and butt? I have a gym membership but am always skeptical of using the weight machines, or do you use ankle weights, dumbells, etc.? Thanks!

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