Increase your Sex Drive

How to Increase Your Sex Drive? Fitness Blogger Kama Fitness talks Sex!

No need to re-read the title, you’ve read it right.

and YES I am going there!

I mean, I don’t “celebrate” Valentine’s Day perse, I don’t really see the big hype about having to spend so much money on chocolates, teddy bears, gifts & high end restaurants…I’m not about any of that, I could care less about celebrating love on a specific day. Relationships & love should be celebrated on a daily basis….

….but either way, dinner or no dinner I’m sure everyone loves to get a little lovins on VDay?


Um…Yea, I’m thinking so.

I’ve actually been meaning to post this a while ago, but I guess…I was…a little worried about your reaction. Then I really thought more and more about it and that’s just not the real me, to really “care” what people think of me. I mean, you can’t please everyone, right? If I hold myself back because of what people think of me, then I will never BE where I want to BE. 

So. Here it is.
And really, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone has sex. We all know what it is and there are some who are always looking for ways to improve sex. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought it would be most appropriate to post how being FIT & living a HEALTHY lifestyle not only improves your overall health, but it can totally improve your sex life too!

Libido to the rescue!

Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive


+Cut back  alcohol consumption; some may think this make sex better lolz – but alcohol can effect a man’s…shall I say…mood?

+ Exercise more!

+ Eat your libido! Foods such as; garlic, leek, chives, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, onion, cayenne pepper and turmeric are all known to help increase libido!

+ No more caffeine

+ Reduce stress; kick your feet up, have a bath, read a book…just relaxxxx.

+ Sleeeeeeeeeep more

+ Rekindle with a little romance.

+ Just Do It. Forget about the laundry, the television, cleaning up the dishes…

+ Get in the mood; light candles, turn off the lights or get out the chains if it’s your thing. Do something different from what you normally do to turn each other on. {role playing maybe? Just sayin’}

+ Dream about it – be creative & then bring your dreams to reality in the bedroom! { ;) }



 ok guys & gals, Now I think it’s time to do a little bit of planning…

& I’m not talking about meal planning!


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Care to add any tips??


  1. Josie says

    Great post! Love it.

    I might throw a disclaimer in there that garlic might also be a little bit of a turn off, too, unless you’ve both been eating it!! :D

    Glad you posted this – thanks.


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