Currently Crushing On… {Valentine’s Edition}

Currently Crushing on Valentine's Day Recipes | Kama Fitness


So how about going sugar crazy this valentines?


Today I’ve decided to do another Crush post, but these crushes are totally dedicated to Valentine’s Day treats!

These are the perfect treats for indulging on Valentine’s.

I mean, who doesn’t love to indulge every once in a while…..

….Crazy people, that’s who! lolz!!

Even though I balance my lifestyle with healthy eats, these recipes fit perfectly in my 20%.

& of course, keeping every recipe RED for Valentine’s Day!!

{ as in Red Velvet! }


Here are some sugar-loaded-sweeeeet sweet recipes Lovas!


Currently Crushing On… {Valentine’s Red Velvet Edition}  

Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Muffins { via Lemons For Lu Lu }

 ++Every breakfast could use one of these muffins! 


Red Velvet Pancakes & Cream Cheese Frosting { via Something Swanky }

 ++Is this for real? Can somebody please tell me why I haven’t discovered this sooner. I love pancakes of all kind, but red velvet? mmm…this may be a great start to Sunday morning !!


Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies { via Cooking Classy }

 ++These cookies are so picture perfect I don’t know if I would even eat them! 

mmm…thought about it, & I would eat them. No lies. lolz!


Red Velvet Cake Truffles { via Buttercream Bakehouse }


Really? OMG! I think I’d have to limit myself to only having one..because..bad things would happen!


Red Velvet Chocolate Chunk Sandwich Cookies { via Bake or Break }

 ++Instantly fell in love with this recipe! Anything that resembles an ice cream sandwich is a go!


S’mores Red Velvet Waffle Stacks { via Beyond Frosting }

 ++Totally had me at S’mores. 




Not every day I would add food colouring to my food, but for Vday…why not! I deserve a serving from all 6 of these recipes, I think!! lolz!
What about you? Which ones are you loving?
Or add a link below of your fave Vday treat! I’ll check it out too!! 





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