Strengthen your Willpower

4 ways to Strengthen your Willpower | Fitness blogger Kama Fitness

Do you ever find yourself looking at others? 
Spotting out the people who are super motivated, looking fit & always seem to be eating healthy – yet you have a hard time just strapping up those gym shoes? 

They have willpower….but do you?

Willpower plays a HUGE & very important role in changing your lifestyle.

When someone is looking to “eat healthier” or “begin working out” they may not realize how much work is involved to make that change…& without having willpower, any change is going to be hard to make. 

Willpower not only allows you to stick to your goals, but it’s also helps as an understanding on how & when you can accomplish goals. You need to realize nothing happens overnight, and once you submit to your goals & begin to change your life, everything will fall into place & then, your willpower will strengthen.  

Maybe you’re not quite there yet…
Or maybe you were there, but lost your drive…

Either way, I have some awesome tips for you to help Strengthen Your Willpower



Set Realistic Goals

This especially means setting goals in a realistic time frame.

Don’t expect yourself to lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks, or build 20 pounds of muscle in 6 months…it just isn’t going to happen to quickly.
Understand it takes time, your body needs time.
Nobody gains 20 pounds in one night, so don’t expect to drop 20 pounds in one night.



Plan for temptations

They’re everywhere. Temptations effects everyone. Know your temptations & plan on what you are going to do when you have them. Is it a cheat meal day? Should you go ahead and buy those french fries? or should you eat healthy all day because you know you have a planned dinner date this weekend?

When temptations arise, have a plan. Carry a small bag of almonds in your purse for when you’re feeling a craving or drink a full glass of water before you grab that bag of chips. Are you really hungry? or just tempted?


Know your Weaknesses

Understanding what can make you fall off track & avoiding these situations is a great way to build willpower.

If you can’t tolerate going to the movies because you know you’re going to grab that big bag of popcorn & pop – don’t go. Instead, watch a movie at home with a healthy snack.

Be honest & true to yourself by not putting yourself in your weak place.

which brings me to my last tip.


Challenge Yourself

I love to challenge myself to build an even stronger sense of willpower.

For example, take my No Sugar Challenge. I challenged myself right before the Christmas season to stay away from sweats & prevent any unnecessary holiday weight gain. I do this just when I know a weakness is coming….my mom’s christmas cookies. <<< ‘Cause I could totally eat them all up in like a few days after her delivery LOLZ!


Everyone is different…but yet, we’re all the same.
I’ve seen many people change their life around, yet at the same time, I’ve seen more people fail.

Working as a Personal Trainer can be hard when you see the people who have created some awesome fitness goals for themselves & who want change so much, fail. They give up on themselves & feel they can’t do it.
But really they can. & You can too!

Stick with your realistic goals, & your realistic time frame & your workout program & eating schedule depending on YOUR needs!

Remember, there’s a ton of different eating/workout plans/programs out there, but you need to meet your needs.

Write yourself a good plan.
& do whatever you have to do to stick to it.
Even if it means ditching a some friends who aren’t in the same boat as you.
It can be hard to keep your willpower when your hanging around friends who aren’t healthy…at all.
& friends who nag at you over your healthy lifestyle.

Get some new friends, it will only create a stronger willpower in the end.

All that matters, is that you’re happy,
& for me, being healthy is a part of happiness!





  1. says

    Ugh… I’ll never forget the day a friend of mine, someone I respected, pulled me aside and criticized me for lifting weights and staying in shape. He told me it was starting to seem like I thought too much of myself. Talk about a punch to the gut. I had to shake that one off.

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