Fantastic Ass Workout

Last Friday I started my day off with this fantastic workout…fantastic ass that is!

& you know what; it really kicks your butt! 

Damn I love a good butt workout
I have a feeling you do too ;)

This workout targets your glutes but also works your quadriceps & hamstrings. Using the dumbbell for added weight will help shock those glutes, reshape your body & best of all…help burn extra calories post workout.

Lets go babes.

What You’ll Need:

+dumbbell –  I used 8lbs
+gymboss Interval Timer
+exercise mat

The Workout

Set your timer for 18 minutes.

Complete the following exercises & reps continuously for the entire 18 minutes.

Yuppers, no resting. Only heart racing, sweat beating, muscle pushing you!!

When it comes to the one leg weighted bridge & one leg squat, be sure to complete the total reps on EACH leg. 

DB Plie Double Pulse Squat x 50
One Leg Weighted Bridge {left leg} x 10
One Leg Weighted Bridge {right leg} x 10
One Leg Squat {left leg} x 2
One Leg Squat {right leg} x 2
Double Pulse Bridge x 30


Fantastic Ass Workout {Butt Workout} | KAMA FITNESS


The Exercises Explained:

DB PLIE DOUBLE PULSE SQUAT:  Begin standing in a wide stance, toes pointing on an angle away from your body and hold a dumbbell with both hands in between your legs. Keep your back straight at all times. Bend your knees, lowering the dumbbell, being sure not to allow your knees to go over your toes. Push back upwards through your quads & hamstring muscles and really SQUEEZE your butt!! Then immediately lower again, & up & lower & up to complete one full rep. (with double pusles) !!

It’s all in the butt babbyyy!
If you don’t squeeze it, nothing will change.

ONE LEG WEIGHTED BRIDGE: Begin laying on the floor, one foot flat on the ground with that same knee bent and the opposite leg held straight up towards the ceiling. Position the dumbbell on your hips, holding in place with both hands. Push your hips up and raise your hips as high as you can & lower to starting position. Immediately lift your hips up – but this time only half as high, then return back down. This is one pulse; complete two. After 2 pulses lower & push your hips all the way up as far as you can, then lower back to starting position.
– so you want to raise all the way – then 2 pulses – then raise all the way. This counts as ONE REP.
*Start – raise all the way – lower – raise half way – lower – raise half way – lower – raise all the way – lower = one rep*
 (sorry for the long ass explanation)

ONE LEG SQUAT: Begin standing on one leg. Raise your opposite leg directly out in front of your hips – keeping it straight. If you want to hold your arms out like in the picture above – go for it or you can hold them by your side….whatever works just keep them out of the way. Using the leg you’re standing on, bend your knee and lower your hips to the floor. Immediately push yourself up back to starting position, using all your lower body & keeping your core tight!

DOUBLE PULSE BRIDGE: Lying supine on the floor with both knees bent, place dumbbell on your hips and keep your feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips high up off the ground while keeping your back straight, then lower, lift back up half way, lower, up half way, lower, then up the full way & back down.
*double pulsing* same as the one leg bridge! ;)


Double pulsing really rocks this workout. It totally kills the glutes. Trust me, tomorrow you will thank me.
  Oohh & it’s also the reason why I only used an 8lb during this workout…you’ll see!

The plie squat is the most awkward squat to do when there are a lot of people around – like in the gym, because you really have to squeeze your butt so much that EVERYONE can tell. Believe me. 
  If you compare two females plie squatting, one squeezing and one not…you can tell who is really getting the best benefits from the exercise.
  Seriously girls, grab your cameras and try it at home. Have a friend take a picture of you squeezing & not squeezing while plie squatting…there’s a big difference.

Squeeze your glutes girls, Squeeze those glutes.

Happy Butt Lifting!




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