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If you’re a regular reader of Kama Fitness, you’ve probably read once or twice before, “read the ingredients” “ingredients are everything” but maybe there’s people out there who are reading the ingredients, but don’t fully understand what they mean??

Well, if this is you, I’m here to help you.

Today’s tip is all about HOW to make sure you ARE NOT buying crap foods by focusing on the ingredients.  { <<< because they are everything ! }

The most important thing to do when you go grocery shopping, is to be sure you aren’t bringing home foods which are processed, full of chemicals & excess (bad) fats & obviously, foods high in sugar. If these foods are in your kitchen cupboards or fridge you are going to be so much more tempted to grab them & eat them.

Don’t buy them. Save the “cheat meals” for a day well deserved. ;)


  Reading Ingredients 101.


Weight is everything.

The first thing to remember when reading the ingredients is that the ingredients are listed by weight. Therefore the first ingredient is the heaviest in the food.


How many Ingredients?

Did you just pick up a box of crackers & the entire side of the box lists each ingredient?

Ditch that shit.

The longer the ingredient list, the worst the food. Put the crackers back on the shelf. Back away & walk into the produce section.

The more ingredients the more change of added sugars, chemicals & of course preservatives.

Tip: Stick to foods with 5 ingredients or less – some may have a few more but as long as you understand what each ingredient is, & the list is short – the food should be a go!


WTH does that say?

If you can’t pronounce or even figure out how to pronounce one word in the ingredient list.

Ditch that shit.

If you can’t figure out what it says, it isn’t something that should be going into your body.

Tip: Stick to foods that have ingredients that you KNOW and can read. Nobody needs to have to learn new words from reading the ingredient list. 


Preservatives = BIG NO-NO!

Preservatives help to maintain freshness & prevents food from spoiling…so

Ditch that shit.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t need preservatives. Be careful of citric acid & ascorbic acid (these two are biggies!) Also, sodium benzonate & calcium sorbate are to be ditched!

Tip: Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by not purchasing frozen boxed foods – such as chicken breasts filled with veggies – these types of foods may look delicious on the box but are totally filled with preservatives. Make your own at home & it will taste much better! 


Sugar Free, Sweeteners & Chemicals – are BS!

Hidden sugars are a biggie & no sweeteners aren’t any better for you. Sugar is our number one enemy – nobody needs this in excess it’s pretty much the cause of such high obesity & diabetes in North America.

Ditch that shit.

When reading the ingredients, sugar doesn’t always say sugar. You’ve got to look out for the –ose. Fructose, dextrose, sucralose, lactose, & maltose are all sugars. Also careful of high fructose corn syrup, saccharin, sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol & of course aspartame. <<

Tip: In order to learn, write out a list of the big No-No’s & take it with you until you learn your sugars.  (or print the pic below)


Flavor Enhancers ? 

Who needs flavor enhancers when we’ve got Peanut Butter… LOLZ! Ok, but really…food enhancers?

Ditch that shit.

Look for MSG & hydrolyzed soy protein. If you see these – drop & run.

Tip: Sticking to the outer aisles of your grocery store (produce, bakery & meat) will help you stay away from MSG. ( & not cake bakery silly !! fresh breads !! )

Oohh…which brings me to….


Leavening agents.

HUH? Leavening agents are used in doughs and batters when baking to help breads/cakes..etc rise in the oven. They act as a “gas bubble” which uses carbon dioxide to help cause the rise in the food. Also, to help soften as a finished product.

Ditch that shit.

Watch for monocalcium phosphate & calcium carbonate. These are the most popular that you’ll find in baked goods. ( & breads remember ! )


WHOLE wheat vs Wheat flour.

If you have whole wheat bread at home, check it out right now….what is the first ingredient? Wheat flour?

Ditch that shit.

Wheat flour is NOT whole wheat. You would be better off buying white flour bread. Enriched flour does not digest the same way as whole wheat, therefore you aren’t getting the best quality of bread for your body. If you enjoy whole wheat bread, be sure the first ingredient is WHOLE WHEAT.

Tip: READING ingredients is the only tip for this one! It’s the only way to be sure you are getting the real thing. At my local grocery store, there is only ONE bread which is a full whole wheat even thought there are 10+ choices of “whole wheat” breads. How cruel!


These are all easy peasy tips to help you understand your ingredients.

Now, the next step is feeling comfortable standing in the grocery store aisles scanning through every single food item you want to purchase.

Tip: Don’t bring your hubby unless you want to get hit in the ankles with the shopping cart!
Double Tip: Don’t allow your hubby to push the cart!

LOLZ! Hey – I don’t mind if I’m standing there looking like a fool – at least I’m getting the best possible choice of food!



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    Very informative (and funny!) post – thanks for this. I realize more and more that it’s worth trying to work out how to make things yourself purely for this reason. The ingredients list on things scares me, even in simple things that you think would have hardly anything in. Most of the time it isn’t that difficult to make your own pizza dough or granola etc. Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. Love yours and will be visiting again!
    Helen @ Scrummy Lane recently posted…Blueberry, white chocolate & macadamia blondies


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