My Organic Garden Recent Picks


Since I showed you all my terrible organic garden in the making, I thought I should at least give you an update and share with you some of my recent organic picks. I truly love having a garden; to be able to walk into the back yard and just pick, wash and eat such a variety of vegetables…. 

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What I Ate Wednesday {Full of Healthy Eats + Treats}

Whew! What a week! Seriously it’s only Wednesday already and I feel like I’ve accomplished so much so far! Over the past few days I’ve finished up some home renovations, took a whole bunch of pictures for future recipes, I’ve been prepping for Mud Hero, planned a new Weight Loss Challenge, done tons of shopping for… 

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Lose Weight, Feel Great & Make Some Money! September Weight Loss Challenge with Diet Bet

Well as much as I don’t want to say this……Summer is slowly coming to an end. You can’t see me right now but my eyes are tearing up. I miss Summer already and it isn’t even over yet. Well, for us here in Toronto, the weather lately has been c.o.l.d. It already feels like late… 

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Kick Ass Kettlebell Cardio Workout

Put your hands up if you can’t stand spending time on cardio equipment! *hands in the air* Really, I feel like why use those machines when you can use weights to increase your heart rate into the fat burning zone.   Recently I bought a new set of kettlebells that I’ve been totally loving. As… 

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{Two Day Split} Weekly Workout Plan

This week’s workout plan is a two day upper body/lower body split. It consists of two cardio workouts and one cool down abdominal workout. This is the perfect type of workout plan if you have a busy lifestyle and can’t spend too much time in the gym, or can only get to the gym a… 

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Guess Who’s Leaving Her Comfort Zone {Mud Hero OMG} + A Skinny Grape Giveaway!

   I’m sure by now you’ve heard the phrase: “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone” Basically, the phrase meaning is that when you’re comfortable with what you’re doing, you’re really not pushing your body past it’s limits. When your mind isn’t pushing yourself further than you want to go, results don’t happen. Staying in your comfort… 

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600 Reps Your BUTT Can’t Resist {Resistance Band Workout}

If you’re looking for an awesome butt workout that will leave you feeling satisfied (and a little sore) then you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m sharing with you a workout that I’ve previously done – and by that, I mean bright & early Monday morning, and it was an awesome glute workout –… 

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Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder

Hello Chocolate! {Health Benefits of Cocoa}

  Great news for you chocolate lovers! You can enjoy Cocoa without any worry of ruining your diet! Um, Yeah! Loving it!! It may surprise you but Cocoa is a health food! It has many health benefits and today I’m sharing them with you all! Hey, I’ll take any excuse to add chocolate in my diet……. 

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Muscle Move: Single Arm Kettlebell High Pull

I’ve posted a ton of exercise tutorials over the past couple of years, (check them out here) and I still have so much more to share. Sometimes I find new exercises that I’ve never done before, and sometimes I stumble upon an exercise that I haven’t done in a long time. Then I’ll usually add it… 

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Weekly Workout Plan

Here I am, back with another 5 kick ass workouts!  The last time I shared my workout plan I’ve received so many happy emails from you! I’m stoked that you guys are on board with this! Yay! Now we can literally kick butt together! ;)  Ok, I’m here to share so Let’s go babes!   … 

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Strong Not Skinny {20 Minute Kettlebell Workout}

Today I’m sharing the workout I did bright & early this morning at 6am! I was tired, but I got up anyway and got in the workout groove. After it was all over, it made me feel so good! Believe me when I say there are days that I literally drag myself out of bed to… 

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