Gardein; Beefless Ground, Black Bean & Veggie Burger Review

Gardein Review (2)

Disclaimer: Gardein provided me free samples in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own (as always!) :)   Ahem, may I have your attention please. We are now entering a world full of gluten free eats and they are de.lic.ious. I have recently found a new love for black bean burger…. 

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How Bad Do You Want It?

Have you ever had those days when you wake up and really don’t want to workout. You just wish you could eat whatever you want and still look good? You just really don’t want to leave your bed at all! Of course you have, we all have those days. Reality is, the best looking six-pack… 

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My Organic Garden {is trying……}

….but it would totally help if I knew what I was doing.  Last year was the first year I had ever attempted a garden. Yes I say attempt – because it was either a hit or miss. I really thought it was super easy, like, if you plant it, it will grow.  HA! I bet if you’re… 

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DOMS; Meet the Bitch of Fitness

I bet there’s been a few times you’ve heard me tweet about DOMS. If not me, at least someone else. On twitter, DOMS is everywhere – but as from what I see, a lot of people aren’t using the term correctly. There is a huge difference between regular muscle stiffness from everyday exercise and DOMS. Delayed… 

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5 Day Workout Plan

In the past I’ve posted a few “My Week In Workouts” posts – which totally filled my email with questions and comments regarding my workouts, how I create them, putting together a program,  etc. I honestly had a little bit of an overwhelming response – I guess I didn’t expect it ;) but I was… 

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Six Weeks of Workouts that You Can Do QUIETLY Without Disturbing those people below you!

Lately I’ve received a few requests for workouts that can be done quietly at home, specifically for those who live in buildings/condos etc that have people below them. I thought rather than coming up with a new workout specifically for one post, it would be much better to gather up a bunch of previously posted workouts… 

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Fitness Motivation - Abs are made in the kitchen

Belly Flab? Tone it Up! {make that tummy tight}

    Get that tight tummy you’re looking for by training your whole body. No more countless crunches & leg lifts  – I’m talking about full body training. Most people struggle with seeing results in their abdominals after training abs daily for weeks upon weeks & all for what? ****To realize that what you’ve done was pretty much pointless**** Well… 

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The Good Bean Chickpea Giveaway Winner

The Good Bean Chickpea Giveaway Winner Is…..

  Bethany Nelson Congratulations!  I will be sending you an email shortly!    Thanks to everyone who entered! My first giveaway was a complete success, so now I’m thinking, this calls for more giveaways! What do you think?? :) xxKaren


New Email Subscription {please re-subscribe}

Hello! Happy Saturday Friends! Over the past week I’m sure you’ve noticed a few changes (again, omg sorry!) with Kama Fitness. Are you sick of my obsessiveness with how my blog looks? I can’t help it. I really want KF to reflect who I am and sometimes that means I see some things I don’t… 

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BodyMorphia Body Bag {June Review}

Hello Friday! Boy-oh-boy am I ever glad to see you.  After starting this week with a Monday from hell, I’m happy to see this week go by. Oh you didn’t hear? About my alarm clock not going off on Monday morning for work, then when I woke up to realize it was an hour later… 

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Climbing & Planking Interval Workout

Climbing & Planking Interval Training {Who ever said Mountain Climbers were easy?}

If I could have a dollar for every time I’ve heard “UGHHHHH” when I’ve told a client to perform mountain climbers I would probably have some pretty good coin right about now. lolz! But mountain climbers are easy! That’s what I hear from some, others…..don’t seem to think so. Me on the other hand, I’m in… 

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