Don’t Be Fooled By The Cycle; it’s time for some insulin talk


How many times have you thought to yourself that you want to lose body fat. Or you feel bloated? It just doesn’t seem to matter what you eat, either way, you end up feeling like a pile of poo. Maybe you’re struggling with insulin. Not eating the proper foods can totally mess with your insulin… 

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At Home Plyometric Workout in my new Gravity Defyer Shoes + A GIVEAWAY!

Today totally kicks ass! I have a killer workout for you, plus an AMAZING GIVEAWAYYYYYYY!!!! Who loves shoes? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! and I bet you do too! I’ve teamed up with Gravity Defyer to truly put their Women’s Scossa Athletic Shoes to the true test. The Plyometric test that is! And, well what can I say, they… 

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6 Minute Fat Blast Off Workout

What better way to end a hard ass work week than to celebrate with a 6 minute Fat Blast Off Workout. Lately, I’ve switched my workouts up and now I’m focusing on fat burning. It’s been quite the change and honestly, my workouts are getting hard as hell lately so it was nice to enjoy this quickie 6… 

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Challenge Your ABS with the Handstand

Lately I’ve been challenging myself with learning how to handstand…..for more than .5 of a second. I don’t have the greatest ab strength, so I created a new goal for myself to work on over the cooler months this fall/winter.  The first part of this goal, which I set for 30 days, is learning how to… 

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6 Quick Tips for a Bikini Ready Body for the girl who leaves for vacation soon!

I know the internet is full of tips and tricks, weight loss fads and a whole bunch of crap really that people just shouldn’t do because they aren’t healthy. Well, I have a vacation coming up very soon, and I’m planning on rocking my bikini for the entire trip. I have a few, very basic,… 

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Chest, Abs & Shoulders + 20 Minute Cardio HIIT Workout

This workout is a 20 minute chest, abs and shoulders workout. It is a shorter workout, focused on fat burning as well as building lean muscle tissue. In this workout you will receive all exercises, reps and sets along with an explanation of each exercise. I have also included a few exercise tips to help… 

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15-minute-upper-body-amrap-workout-kama-fitness (2)

15 Minute Upper Body AMRAP

This workout is focused on building lean muscle in the upper body, particularly the front delts, rear delts and traps, but it doesn’t stop there. Along with targeting the shoulders, I’ve also included two exercises which will target the erector spinae and obliques. This workout is meant to be completed without any rest. Keep pushing through each exercise and… 

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Muscle Move: Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift {OMG!!!} The best butt exercise EVER!

I know I’ve been LOVING the One Leg Hip Bridge & Left Lift and have always, and I mean always been calling it my favourite butt exercise ever….but now…I have a new one! The Sumo Deadlift. This move that I’ve always known but never truly loved is totally targeting my glutes like no other. Lately… 

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10 minute Before Work Butt Workout

Last week I had an early morning “lazy day”. I really didn’t want to get up and go to the gym, so instead, I chose to do a quickie 10 minute butt workout at home, and left the weights for another day. Starting off your day with a quick workout can create a pretty happy… 

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Planning a Vacation? Pack Your Workout Clothes. {What to Bring.What to Plan}

With all this cooler weather headed our way, a much needed vacation is at the top of my list of things to do lately. I’m finding myself searching all over the internet looking for the best vacation deal I can find. How is it that the cost can vary so much depending on who you… 

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5 Awesome AB Exercises that get’s your whole body moving!

Right now I’m feeling super motivated, I’m ready to make some big changes and abs are on my mind! Lately I’ve been working them more than usual, which basically just means I’m working abs. Normally other than the odd standing cable crunch I stray far away from the ab exercises.  I do have my favourites,… 

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