The Ultimate 30 Minute Hump Day Butt Blast!


So here’s the thing. Lately I’m feeling like I don’t spend enough time focusing on my glutes. I work legs every week, sometimes twice a week but unless I’m doing at home workouts – which I haven’t been doing as much lately, I’m not working my butt! Grrrr! It’s my own fault, when I workout… 

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15 Ways to Plank (1)

15 Different Ways to Plank

  Who ever thought an exercise such as the plank can be done in so many different ways. I mean it was easy for me to come up with 15 different ways to plank, I could have easily done 20, or 25 – but I thought too many could be an overload of information for… 

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plant-based-diet-for-dummies-book-review-giveaway (2)

Plant-Based Diet for Dummies {Book Review & GIVEAWAY}

I have another giveaway for you!  Can you believe it, not one but two giveaways this month?! I love it! I’ve been one of the lucky ones who have been chosen to review and giveaway the awesome book by Marni Wasserman; Plant-Based Diet for Dummies. Who is Marni??? Marni Wasserman is a Toronto based culinary… 

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3-day-clean-eating-meal-plan (Intro)

3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

Last month when I announced my new blog, Lushious Eats, I also mentioned that Kama Fitness would be changing a little and not really focusing on recipes any more. Recipes are gone bye-bye but food talk is here to stay.  Kama Fitness is my lifestyle; sharing a healthy 80/20 split of the healthy food I… 

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Gardein Review (2)

Gardein; Beefless Ground, Black Bean & Veggie Burger Review

Disclaimer: Gardein provided me free samples in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own (as always!) :)   Ahem, may I have your attention please. We are now entering a world full of gluten free eats and they are de.lic.ious. I have recently found a new love for black bean burger…. 

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How Bad Do You Want It?

Have you ever had those days when you wake up and really don’t want to workout. You just wish you could eat whatever you want and still look good? You just really don’t want to leave your bed at all! Of course you have, we all have those days. Reality is, the best looking six-pack… 

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My Organic Garden {is trying……}

….but it would totally help if I knew what I was doing.  Last year was the first year I had ever attempted a garden. Yes I say attempt – because it was either a hit or miss. I really thought it was super easy, like, if you plant it, it will grow.  HA! I bet if you’re… 

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DOMS; Meet the Bitch of Fitness

I bet there’s been a few times you’ve heard me tweet about DOMS. If not me, at least someone else. On twitter, DOMS is everywhere – but as from what I see, a lot of people aren’t using the term correctly. There is a huge difference between regular muscle stiffness from everyday exercise and DOMS. Delayed… 

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5 Day Workout Plan

In the past I’ve posted a few “My Week In Workouts” posts – which totally filled my email with questions and comments regarding my workouts, how I create them, putting together a program,  etc. I honestly had a little bit of an overwhelming response – I guess I didn’t expect it ;) but I was… 

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Six Weeks of Workouts that You Can Do QUIETLY Without Disturbing those people below you!

Lately I’ve received a few requests for workouts that can be done quietly at home, specifically for those who live in buildings/condos etc that have people below them. I thought rather than coming up with a new workout specifically for one post, it would be much better to gather up a bunch of previously posted workouts… 

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Fitness Motivation - Abs are made in the kitchen

Belly Flab? Tone it Up! {make that tummy tight}

    Get that tight tummy you’re looking for by training your whole body. No more countless crunches & leg lifts  – I’m talking about full body training. Most people struggle with seeing results in their abdominals after training abs daily for weeks upon weeks & all for what? ****To realize that what you’ve done was pretty much pointless**** Well… 

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