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Here’s 10 reasons why you should subscribe to Lushious Lifts! #1: Get Weekly Workout Plans #2: Get Weekly Meal Plans to enhance results! #3: Fitness & Nutrition Tips #4: To see how easy it is to live a healthy lifestyle #5: MOTIVATION #6: Because you want results, and this is a place to help you… 

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Kama Fitness is now Lushious Lifts + My very first eBook!!!

I’ve been waiting for this day to come for a long time, and now that it has, I don’t know which news to share first. A few months ago when I announced Lushious Eats I was pretty excited because that was the first step of something huge, and today that something huge, is not my… 

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ABS & Thighs; 4 minute AMRAP Workout

The last workout I posted was a quickie, 5 Minute AMRAP Cardio and it really took a toll on my thighs. So much that I thought I would do it again! Today’s workout, is totally focusing on your thighs and abs! Two parts that I wish I could snap my fingers and change Grab your timer,… 

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Muscle Move: the Resisted Push Up

Oh hey, remember me I’m home from my vacation and I have to be honest, yesterday I was back at it at 6am in the gym and I felt so weak. Taking time off from exercise is always a good thing to do from time to time, but when you add in drinks, Cuban food and… 

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5 Minute AMRAP Speed Skaters Cardio Blast

Since I’m leaving for a vacation very soon, quick, intense, bodyweight workouts are all in mind right about now. I’ve been planning my “workout routine” while I’m away, which I will be sharing with you once I return. I’m sure you will love this routine I’ve created. It’s full of quick, intense, fat blasting workouts… 

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Post Workout Upper Body Stretching Routine

  A few months ago, I shared my Lower Body Stretching Routine, which btw, I’ve really improved since then, but I’ve been asked by many of your to share my upper body stretching routine. Well, today, I’m sharing my Upper Body Stretching Routine that I do when I’m all done my killer upper body workouts. Unlike my… 

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Two Yoga Poses for Lean Thighs

As you know, I’ve been practicing more yoga poses than ever.  I don’t attend a yoga class, or follow along with videos. Instead, I find poses that will challenge my body in the areas I need improvement on and I practice them a few times a week. One area I really need to improve, and been… 

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Don’t Be Fooled By The Cycle; it’s time for some insulin talk

How many times have you thought to yourself that you want to lose body fat. Or you feel bloated? It just doesn’t seem to matter what you eat, either way, you end up feeling like a pile of poo. Maybe you’re struggling with insulin. Not eating the proper foods can totally mess with your insulin… 

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At Home Plyometric Workout in my new Gravity Defyer Shoes + A GIVEAWAY!

Today totally kicks ass! I have a killer workout for you, plus an AMAZING GIVEAWAYYYYYYY!!!! Who loves shoes? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! and I bet you do too! I’ve teamed up with Gravity Defyer to truly put their Women’s Scossa Athletic Shoes to the true test. The Plyometric test that is! And, well what can I say, they… 

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6 Minute Fat Blast Off Workout

What better way to end a hard ass work week than to celebrate with a 6 minute Fat Blast Off Workout. Lately, I’ve switched my workouts up and now I’m focusing on fat burning. It’s been quite the change and honestly, my workouts are getting hard as hell lately so it was nice to enjoy this quickie 6… 

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Challenge Your ABS with the Handstand

Lately I’ve been challenging myself with learning how to handstand…..for more than .5 of a second. I don’t have the greatest ab strength, so I created a new goal for myself to work on over the cooler months this fall/winter.  The first part of this goal, which I set for 30 days, is learning how to… 

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