ABS & Thighs; 4 minute AMRAP Workout


The last workout I posted was a quickie, 5 Minute AMRAP Cardio and it really took a toll on my thighs. So much that I thought I would do it again!

Today’s workout, is totally focusing on your thighs and abs! Two parts that I wish I could snap my fingers and change 😉

Grab your timer, or smart phones and set your 4 minute countdown.

Get a water bottle beside you for when you’re finished this workout and just flop over like a dead. That’s when you’re going to want that water.

What You’ll Need

+ Gymboss Interval Timer
+ Exercise Mat

The Workout

Set your timer for a 4 minute countdown.

Complete one squat thrust, then one knee tuck with your right knee, one knee tuck with your left knee…..

then repeat back at squat thrust…

and keep going…..

and going….

and going….

until that timer goes off!



The Exercises Explained

SQUAT THRUST: Begin standing, drop into a squatting position, bending your knees and bring your palms on the ground in front of you. Jump your feet back so you are in the push up position; this is your starting position. Keep your abs tight and immediately bend both knees in towards your chest and immediately fully extend your legs, keeping your weight on your toes. 

PLANK KNEE TUCK: Immediately after performing one squat thrust, bend one knee into your chest and releasing back into starting position. Switch legs and complete one more rep.

  This is one of those workouts where you think it’s a no-brainer, easy peasy workout. I was thinking of doing this as a 10 minute AMRAP as my finisher in yesterday’s gym workout. In the end I only had about 5 minutes before I had to start stretching, so since I was short for time, I went for a 4 minute AMRAP.

Pretty glad I did, keeping your abs engaged throughout this workout is a workout in itself! 😉

Good Luck!


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